Designer maternity support

The yogi pregnancy belly support is designed for the mom-to-be with an active lifestyle. It offers the comfort of athletic wear while maintaining a sleek, sexy style. Running off to dance? Yoga? Pilates? The yogi is the belt for you.

  • Relieves pregnancy back pain
  • Reduces pregnancy stretch marks
  • Facilitates exercise and daily activity
  • Supports the abdomen
  • Worn as post-partum support, assists the body as it readjusts

Yogi - Sizing Chart

The yogi is a one size fits all maternity support belt. It wraps under your abdomen and around your belly, lifting and supporting with comfort and ease.

Yogi – How to Wear

  • Find the center of your yogi belly support and place it firmly under your abdomen.
  • Wrap around your belly crossing over in the back and pulling firmly upward.
  • Wrap as many times as needed and tie on either side.
  • Let the ends hang or tuck them in.

To prevent bunching and to get the best fit, keep the fabric flat and smooth against your body, holding tension as you wrap.

Yogi – Product Details

  • Made from a quality athletic fabric
  • 66% nylon/34% polyester
  • One size fits all for all belly shapes and sizes
  • Post-partum support