Designer maternity support

The metro’s contemporary and stylish design is suitable for everyday wear. Whether worn for work or for play,the metro maternity support belt fits into any pregnancy wardrobe.

  • Relieves pregnancy back pain
  • Reduces stretch marks
  • Facilitates exercise and daily activity
  • Supports the abdomen
  • Worn as post-partum support, assists the body as it readjusts

Metro - Sizing Chart

Your daisychain is meant to fit snugly enough to offer support so be sure not to overestimate your size.

Daisychain SizesPregnancy Sizes (Inches)Pregnancy Sizes (cm)
Small34” – 38”87cm – 97cm
Medium38” – 42”97cm – 107cm
Large42” – 48”107cm – 122cm

Since pregnant bellies are all so different and change quickly, it can be difficult deciding what size to order when purchasing online. As a rule your pre pregnancy size should be used as a guide. The best way to determine your size is by measuring.

Metro – How to Wear

  • Place the metro so the bottom edge rests under your belly-angling slightly upward in the back.
  • Position the buckles at either side where they can be easily reached
  • Fasten the buckles to desired support and slip the excess strap through the belt loops.

Worn correctly, your daisychain belly support should fit snugly, lifting and supporting your belly.

Metro – Product Details

  • 97% cotton/3% spandex
  • fully adjustable to expand with your growing belly
  • suitable for all stages of pregnancy, especially 2nd and 3rd trimester
  • post-partum support