Quotation markPregnancy is a time of change and evolution, from a mental, emotional and physical point of veiw. The cute little ‘bump in the front’ soon grows into a heavy basketball, and for me, it threw off my balance,affected the blood flow in my legs and was relenting against gravity’s pressure.The daisychain maternity support belt gave me the relief I was looking for in the second half of my pregnancy.I will certainly recommend this support belt to my prenatal patients to help carry the load of that precious bundle.Quotation mark

Dr. Amy Wells, Naturopathic Physician BSc., ND

Quotation markThe last trimester of my pregnancy was so physically challenging, I was in constant pain. I could literally feel the stretch marks happening. Walking had become almost unbearable, but with my toddler, slowing down was not an option. The yogi supported and lifted by belly. It was fantastic. I wore it everywhere!Quotation mark

Rebecca Watkin

Quotation markI am a nurse and am on my feet all day. Five months into my pregnancy I suffered from Sacroiliitis, and my pubic bone separated. The pain was awful. I wore the metro and immediately felt relief. If I took it off, the pain returned. What a lifesaver it was!Quotation mark

Nicole Morrison, RN

Quotation markI have always been a very petite person and never thought I would need a support belt during my pregnancy until I tried on a daisychain. I bought the denim belt and loved it. I felt 10 pounds lighter and it is so cute and fashionable, I can wear it with everything!Quotation mark

Carley Gray

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