Daisychain Story

Once upon a time, on a remote island kingdom, off the west coast of Canada, there lived two loving sisters, Ocean and Anna. They were princesses of a sort, though they had no crowns or castles or adoring subjects. Both were very beautiful, so there was no jealousy between them. No petty squabbles. No quarrelling. Each loved the other like…. well… a sister. Hardly did you see one without the other by her side. Their favorite pastime was to amble through the fields gathering daisies with which to make daisychains. One day, as the sisters ambled, a handsome lad, a kind of knight, though he had no shining armor or white steed upon which to ride, appeared on the horizon.

To make a long story short, after an appropriate courtship, Ocean was with child. Ocean was beside herself with joy and Anna marveled as her sister’s shape changed to make room for the new little person that was growing inside her, the little person that would call her Auntie Anna. While Anna marveled, Ocean moaned.

Daisychain maternity belts“What’s wrong dear sister?“ asked Anna.

“My back hurts,” said Ocean. “I need something to hold up my belly.”

“Let’s go shopping,” said Anna. “It’ll take your mind of things.”

And so they did. They went shopping for a maternity support belt to relieve Ocean’s pregnancy back pain- Ocean’s midwife had told her about them- but sadly, all they could find were these horrible contraptions that were worn like girdles and looked like something a wicked stepmother or ugly stepsister might wear.

Ocean made a face. “So this is a maternity support belt!” she exclaimed.

“Yuck.” said Anna.

“My fairytale is becoming a nightmare.” said Ocean.

After a day of shopping and finding nothing, it was hard not to be disheartened, but that night, while the sisters were preparing for bed, one of them (they were so close it’s hard to say which one) had an idea to make their own maternity support belt. A beautiful one! A maternity support belt so beautiful you wouldn’t want to hide it under your clothes but would want to show it off. The girls talked excitedly into the wee hours before finally falling asleep.

The next day they set to work.

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