Daisychain Concept

For as long as pregnant bellies have been causing pregnancy back pain, woman have been finding ways to get relief by supporting these tummies. The daisychain concept envisions that traditional function with contemporary fashion in a line of designer pregnancy belts that compliment a modern maternity wardrobe.

Daisychain offers all the comfort of a maternity support belt without the “uncomfortable”, without the Velcro and without the “ugly”.

Finally, a support belt for the 21st century!

Your daisychain:
  • Provides back support to ease pregnancy back pain
  • Reduces stretch marks
  • Supports the uterus and lower abdomen during pregnancy
  • Helps restore balance and posture
  • Facilitates exercise and daily activity
  • Worn as post-partum support, assists the body as it readjusts
  • Is fully adjustable to provide the perfect fit as you grow

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